India's First Hacking Contest for High School Students

4th Edition 2019.


What is Amrita InCTF Junior?

  • Amrita InCTF Junior is a National level Cybersecurity contest for school students in India. Realizing the vital role cybersecurity plays now and in the future for a safer world, many countries are now introducing cybersecurity education at the school level to develop interest and nurture talent in this area. Participation in the contest is fully free and no prior knowledge is required for taking part.
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Roadmap of InCTF Junior

  • Onsite Final
    Meet head to head with the elites at the grand finale
  • Online Qualifiers
    Prove to the world what you have got.
  • Learning Round
    Learn to hack with our exclusive videos and wiki
  • Registration
    Register and login

History of InCTF Junior

  • 8000+ Registrations
  • 1000+ Schools Participated
  • 500+ Onsite Participants
  • 100+ Workshops


InCTF Junior'18 Finalists


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